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******* UPDATES *********


It’s almost just too embarrassing to do an update after so long, but here goes.

Yesterday was “Presentation Day” for the girls at School in the newly finished Hall. To say Maxine did well would be a huge understatement.

We figured she was up for an award after we had been sent a note from the school strongly suggesting we should attend. This is common practice for the school when your child is going to receive an award.

So there we are as they go through all the various awards when Maxine is called out for “Academic Achievement in all areas”, basically just shy of being given the Dux award.

Wow, that’s pretty awesome we thought.

Then came the sports awards…

Maxine Williams – Junior Girls Swimming Champion

And just to wrap things up with a huge big green bow the next time she’s called up is for the current Ryrie House Captain to pin the House Captains pin on her uniform. So now she’s House Captain as well for Ryrie.

Just wow.

Check out the photos here

In what now appears to have become an annual event, here is another update. Only a small quick one this time.
Max and Lucy were flower girls at Robyns cousin Nataschas wedding recently and I’ve posted up some pictures. Natascha and Seans wedding

Wow, over a year since the last update... This is a quick one to let you know about the online photo album I'm testing out. You can find it by clicking here. It's a work in progress and may change if I find something I like more.
For any of the Ryan family out there reading this, here's the link to my Ryan family Christmas photos

It's been a long time once again, but I figured I'd take the time to mention a big day for Maxine yesterday.
It all started with her sports carnival at school...
Description: Z:\thewspot\maxine\200608\dscn4225-sm.jpg

Where yet another tooth fell out...
Description: Z:\thewspot\maxine\200608\dscn4205-sm.jpg

And we even managed to get a photo of the tooth fairy *IN ACTION*!!!
Description: Z:\thewspot\maxine\200608\dscn4241-sm.jpg

And the Tooth Fairy even left her a note to say thank you (It's a little worn out after the trip to school!)
Description: Z:\thewspot\maxine\200608\dscn4246-sm.jpgDescription: Z:\thewspot\maxine\200608\dscn4245-sm.jpg

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Packed with pictures of Maxine from Birth to about 4 weeks old, well actually, not  really packed just yet... P.S. She just turned 6 years old last February!

First pics of Lucinda. More to come shortly as I've been getting into a lot of trouble over how old Maxines photos are.


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